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Virijallu is the first of its kind radio show that promises wholesome entertainment to one & all. Melodious songs, interesting topics, celebrity guests like nowhere else, beauty tips, culinary tricks, brain teasing games, rib tickling comedy & much more!!! The overwhelming support from our sponsors also allows us to give away lots of prizes to our beloved listeners !!

MONDAY - KUSHNI KUSHIGA Hosted by Aparna Pasumarthi, Shiva Kada & Deepthi A light and breezy show on Mondays hosted by the youngsters of the Bay Area. Monday blues? We guarantee you, they will be blown away!!

TUESDAY - VENNELA Hosted by : Sri. Kiran Prabha All about movies!

WEDNESDAY - ASHTA-CHAMMA Hosted by: Sridevi Pasupuleti & Satish Karry An entertaining and an engaging fun show on Wednesdays with new games & concepts. Lots of prizes to win !!

THURSDAY - PALLI-BATANEELU Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri Laugh riot, non-stop masti & entertainment unlimited. 3 words - DONT MISS IT !!

FRIDAY - HARIVILLU Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri A perfect beginning to the weekend. Harivillu (Rainbow) is a mix of seven colors and so is this Friday show. It's a mix of everything - celebrity interviews, Top 10 songs, entertaining topics, teasing trivia questions and tons of smiles!!

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - THE WEEKEND SHOWS Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri
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