Rashed and Rebeka Noman

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Rashed & Rebeka Noman
Show Name
Adda with the Nomans
What is your show about?
Combine a passion for Social issues, politics, movie, music, sports, technology, coffee, or really anything else that most people might want to hear about! That's us- “The Nomans”!

Rashed Noman and Rebeka Noman are very cultural oriented, socially active couple who have been living in Seattle for a decade. Since they have moved in Seattle in 2006, their focus have been bringing the Bangladeshi-Americans living in the area together and integrating them with the local community. Launching of “Adda with The Nomans” is another step towards that goal!

By education Rashed is a Mechanical Engineer. But he is always nurturing his social and cultural passion from childhood. He is a debater, a reciter of poems and has worked as an anchor for numerous shows. He is passionate of organizing events and building organization. Currently he sits in the leadership teams of several non-profit organization working wide range of cultural, social, and humanitarian issues.

Rebeka is a versatile singer and songwriter with her roots grounded in Bengali classics – Nazrul and Tagore, with a rustic undertone of Lalon Geeti. Her harmonic curiosity extend beyond genres as she also loves to perform Pop, Rock … and to intersperse it all, further enriching Bengali fusion music. Growing up, Neela received formal music education in highly acclaimed institutes. She has received numerous awards in Bangladesh and also performs regularly in the United States and Canada.

According to Rashed & Rebeka this is show about “people”. They believe music & movie can play a tremendous role bring people from all different background together. In the show “Adda with The Nomans”, they will continue their effort to bring communities together and focus on social and humanitarian issues.