Mind Matters

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Jai Gandhi & Helen Zhang
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Mind Matters
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Jai Gandhi, MD, and Helen Zhang, MD, are physicians completing their residency training in psychiatry. Jai Gandhi is a current awardee of the American Psychiatric Association Minority Fellowship Award, an award aiming to help promote awareness, education, and access on all issues relating to mental health in minority populations. Helen Zhang is the former co-director of education for the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association, and has previously worked as a teacher in Japan.

This radio show, Mind Matters, aims to engage the South Asian community in open and comfortable conversations about mental illness. Through audience engagement and utilization of the hosts’ expertise, the show will begin to address the community’s questions about mental illness. What is mental illness? Who is at risk of having a mental illness? What is the role of the South Asian culture in the presentation of mental illness? How can you support those you love who may struggle with mental illness?

As we move through each episode, we hope to have rich discussions with the audience, and to answer the questions you consider most important.

If you or a loved one is seeking professional mental health help and would like additional assistance, contact the NAMI Seattle Helpline at (206)-783-9624 or at helpline@namiseattle.org.